Kegel is excited to announce updates to the Specto Bowling app including the new module Specto Worlds: a new experience and environment for every bowler. Check out our upcoming webinars for more information on Specto.

 Specto Bowling will now include the following modules:



Improve your skills while you play!

This is a game-like experience which helps bowlers develop their skills as they are guided through different levels. You begin by selecting a world and the difficulty level and the system will guide you through each game as you try to complete the world. Have fun trying to complete each task, achieve stars based on your performance, and enjoy practicing as you challenge your way through!

Specto Worlds – Practice with a Purpose. 


This is the arena for you to prove your skills and talent. How good are you?

Try different challenges to see how you stack up. Compete with bowlers in your center, country, and the world to get your name on the leader boards.

Try to beat your friends, other bowlers and Pros.


speedladderLogo2 copy.png

How to play: Choose a difficulty range, set your baseline, try to repeat your speed as many times you can.

 Challenge your friends to beat your best score. Or show everyone how good you are as you climb the leaderboards!

Tip: You can use practice mode to check your performance and set your difficulty level.


All the features you are used to seeing in Specto will now be available in the PERFORMANCE module.

Here you can find everything you need for a hard core practice. This is the area for bowlers and coaches to find detailed stats, measure performance in a variety of areas, and see your numbers in the same way they are shown in PBA matches.

  • See your ball reaction.

  • Learn how accurate you are.

  • Test your balls and prepare your arsenal for your next competition.

  • Use practice drills designed by coaches to improve your game.

  • Use deep practice to improve your skills quickly.

  • And more!