General Questions

+ How does Specto work?

Specto uses a lidar sensor that reads up to 6 lanes. It gathers about 120 readings per lane per shot. It then uses this information to calculate about 40 different readings.

+ Where can I find a Specto center to practice in?

You can download the app and find the nearest center there. There is also a list of the registered Specto centers here.

+ I'm interested in Specto for my center, where can I find more information?

Specto is sold through our Kegel distributor network. You can check the link or contact us for more information.


To be ready for Specto you will need a power source and a wired internet connection behind the lanes you want Specto installed on. Specto will be installed in the middle of the 6 lanes you want covered. Anything that causes blind spots should be removed when able such as drop shoots.

App Questions

+ What programs does Specto offer?

Specto has a mobile app available in the Google Play store and the iOS App store. The coaches version is available in the Windows store for Windows 10 and greater. Click here for more information.

+ How can we get the new version of Specto including worlds (V3)?

The latest version of the mobile app, including Specto Worlds, is available in the Google Play and the iOS App store. Click here for more information.

+ How much is the new version of Specto?

Free! Specto continually works to create content that makes practice more fun and effective for players of all skill levels.

+ What is the difference between the coaches app and the mobile app?

The mobile app includes Specto Worlds, Challenges, and Performance. The coaches app only includes the performance with many more options for areas to measure/track.

+ What does a specific Specto term mean?

You can find the links to the Specto Terms here.

Troubleshooting Questions

+ What if Specto isn't working on my device?

The most common problem when Specto is not working is no access to the internet. All Specto data is stored in the cloud so you need to have access to the internet to see my information.


If you know you have internet and you still can't get readings there is a chance you have what we call a ghost ball. Specto uses an infrared sensor so sometimes it has trouble reading darker bowling balls. You may need to try another bowling ball.

+ When I am bowling with my friends how can I see only my data?

Scoring integration is still in beta and being finalized. For now, the best option is to either turn it on and off when you take your turn, or simply click and delete your teammates shots.

+ What does a specific Specto term mean?

You can find the links to the Specto Terms here.